Friday, June 16, 2006

Cramming for a Race

I am succumbing to peer pressure and will be racing in this Sunday's Men's Health Mountain Bike race in Maarat. Being crammers that we are, we went for a training ride last Tuesday night in UP despite the rains, and it showed me how much I am out of shape. I couldn't hold on to Mike O's wheel. After the third lap, I was dropped.

According to King, this Sunday's course is just a couple of laps in the Roxas trail. If ever I can't hold on to the main pack, at least I'm confident that I won't get lost.

This is going to be my first race since the First EBD Invitational Mountain Bike Challenge, which was held in a one-kilometer race course that we made at Barangay Sico in Batangas City.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Hell of the Southern Tagalog

The EBD Barangay Tour Mountain Bike Challenge went pretty well, and I can't wait to plan it next year with an even more challenging course.

As I've told the racers from the start, it's going to be long and hard - nothing like the courses they're used to. If the race is in Batangas City, you can bet your ass that the locals will include a lot of climbs to see how others fare in their usual weekend route.

Going around the race course made me see just how much damage the typhoon caused. There was a barrio by the sea near Ilijan where the roofs of the houses were blown away and the road was reclaimed by the sea. I hope this race will jumpstart local biking tourism that can help these small communities.

Below are some of the pictures I took while going around the course. For more pictures, visit the Batangas Mountain Bikers website.

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