Monday, February 26, 2007

Shopping Spree

I wasn't planning to go on a shopping spree, but when Mach posted a message in the PCN saying that he's selling his KHS Alite Team frame for a really good price I knew this was my chance to get one of the frames I'm targeting to upgrade.

He posted it Friday night and I got it from him Saturday lunchtime. As you can see, I didn't waste any precious time. I called up Hermie right away and scheduled an appointment that same afternoon.

I got to Velo City at 3:00 in the afternoon and everything was finished by 5:30. As for the damage, it was not that much. I had to buy a new Deore XT top-pull derailleur and brake bosses from Ross and some brake cable housing from Paulinas.

It wasn't part of the original plan, but since my shoes have all but retired, I got myself a new pair of Shimano mountain bike shoes - A SH-M121G.

With the new bike frame, I had to use a different stem. Both the Kore Elite 130mm and the Thomson 110mm were too long. I had to borrow King's 90mm Truvativ team stem for things to feel right.

With the new frame, the ride was very different. I was able to do the climbs up La Mesa without the front tire losing traction on climbs and I'm not scared of doing an endo every time I go down a steep hill. It was awesome!

Now that this is finished, I feel this frame and I will go places.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Next Project: The Oakley Radar

If you're a big Oakley fan and you're following this year's Tour of California, you'll definitely notice the new eyewear the Discovery boys are wearing.

I've going through a lot of Oakley fan sites to figure out what these are. Thankfully, the Paceline let us in to the hottest stuff in the peloton.

Dubbed as the Oakley Radar, it will be launched on March 2007. According to the article, it's a mix of the M Frame and the Racing Jackets.

I can't wait to try these out!

Monday, February 19, 2007

New Stuff: Oakley Pro M-Frame

I've always been an Oakley boy ever since I started biking. Back in high school, I bought a pair in a sports shop in the then-freshly constructed SM City North EDSA. Then sometime in 1992, I discovered Joven bike shop in Marikina and that's where I bought my first Oakley M-Frame.

It had a clear frame with blue iridium plutonite lenses. It was the coolest thing I owned then. Never mind that I looked like an alien when I ride the jeepney in U.P. It had a great fit. Too bad the frame was brittle, and so after years of use, it broke off.

Now, after more than a decade of cycling, I ordered a custom Pro M-Frame (the one that doesn't fold) with persimmon lens. Loved it the instance I pulled it out of the box and wore it. The fit was excellent and the lens tint was just right.

Now time to get these thermonuclear protection in action!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Road Trip

Cheez Whiz on TopI think I have a magical attraction to Mount Sto. Tomas that I instantly said I'm game when my friends from Globe invited me for a weekend trip to Baguio.

To me, Baguio is not strawberries and ube jam anymore. It's the short eight-kilometer offroad climb to one of her peaks that gets me excited and makes me do the five-hour drive up the country's summer capital from Manila. It's the joy of punishing yourself up a rocky climb as the cold frigid mountain breeze cools your body down.

The second climb was really different from the first one with Mike O. last year. It seemed shorter. Nonetheless, the climb is still a good test to see one's fitness as I had to stop several times to rest. Maybe next time I can do it without going down.


Here are some tips when you do your road trip with your bike

1. Do not forget to bring your helmet, gloves, shoes, socks, water bottle/hydration pack and riding shorts. Realizing that you left one of these in your garage can mean your bike ride is over.

2. Bring your lubricant and pump with you in case you may need them. Don't forget the trail/road tools as well.

Secure your Baby3. Bring a lock with you so you can secure your bike in your hotel room. You don't want to go back from a night around town only to discover that there's no bike in your room.

4. For those with roof-mounted bike racks installed in their cars, do not forget that you have bikes up there when you drive. Be careful with telephone/cable/ electric wires, branches and those oh-so-dreadful drive thru's.

Got more tips? Post 'em here! :)
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