Sunday, February 12, 2012

The "Welcome Back, Gary" Ride

Gary and Wins at the parking area
We had two reasons why we rode in La Mesa Nature Reserve yesterday: First was because our dear friend, Gary Diñoso, is back in town for two weeks, and second was to try out this new trail from the Tower 1 area. Aside from King, Gary, Winston, Ferdie and I, we were joined by Polly, GJ and some of their friends.

That's me at the registration table.
I was running late so I didn't have the luxury of having a good breakfast. I had no other choice but to eat a trail mix bar. Better something than nothing, right?

Usually, groups would start from the singletrack near the parking area and end up by the lake. Ours is different. Because it was farther, we skipped the initial singletrack beside Tower 11 and went straight to the fire road. Our first taste of singletrack was after the first climb to the where the fire roads split into two, and it brought us to Tower 5.

I was strong at first.
You wouldn't know that it was going uphill with all the fun that you're having, playing slalom with the trees. You'll only realize this when you're about halfway in the trail and you start to notice your heart rate increasing from the short climbs. I was at the front during the first part of the trail, but had to slow down to make sure I don't bonk out.
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