Monday, October 22, 2007

I Forgot!

I wasn't able to pick up the bike and now it's been in All Terra for more than a week now. And yes, I wasn't able to do some riding this weekend because of that.

So this is one of downsides I didn't realize in having your bike washed in the shop - you've got to allot some time to pick it up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Bike Wash

Usually I would be the one doing this. I even went out of my way and bought my dishwashing liquid, a brush and a couple of sponges. I even did a trial and cleaned out my old parts for selling. But what made me bring the bike to All Terra Bike Shop in Libis last Saturday to have it cleaned is something I've yet to figure out.

Don't get me wrong. All Terra's bike wash is really good. It may take some time but it's worth it. After they're through with your ride, it would be so clean that riding it on the trails would be blasphemy.

Maybe it's the tamad factor. Taking out all the mud and muck will take more time than the usual routine - something I couldn't afford as I had to go work that afternoon. Maybe, at that moment, just having it squeaky clean far outweighs the ecstasy of your hands sliding on the frame with a soapy sponge in tow.

I guess I would never know.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Helping Hands

Helping hands

The photo is courtesy of PCN member floorbamboo. I saw it this morning when I was browsing through the PCN Flickr Group. I was so inspired by the image that I just had to feature it in the egroup's homepage.

It's a great eye-opener. Just one look and it made everything seem so clear - that in cycling, it doesn't matter if you're riding on a Big Cat or a Santa Cruz. What really matters is the rider and not the bike.

Here's Flor's story:

Hi Jovan!

Thanks for featuring this photo. I'll do more than tell you where it happened.
Magkukwento na rin ako.

Ang foto na ito ay kuha noong 24 Sept 2007 sa Montalban (Rodriguez), papunta pa lang kami sa Puray Falls via San Isidro.

Isa ito sa mga river crossings sa San Isidro going to Mascap, na lumaki na dahil sa ilang araw na pag-ulan. Inakala naming kaya naming tawirin ang parteng ito ng ilog dahil pinanood pa namin ang mga residente na tumawid. Kaya lang pagdating sa 3/4th ng pagtawid sa ilog, sa bahaging pinakamalalim (waist-deep), napakalakas na ng agos. Ang ilan sa amin eh hindi na kayang humakbang, dahil ang pakiramdam eh matutumba na kapag tinangka pang humakbang. Yung malalakas sa amin ang nagmamadaling umuna na sa pagtawid, ibinalibag ang kanilang bike sa kabilang pampang ng ilog, at binalikan ang mga tumirik na sa pagtawid. In turn, yung mga naunang naitawid ay tumulong na rin sa pagtawid sa mga nahuhuli pa. As you see captured on the photo.

Kaya makikita sa larawan yung dalawang pinakahuli sa amin ay tinutulungan na ng halos lahat. Walang nag-iwanan. Walang nagpabaya. Lahat tumulong sa abot ng makakaya.

And it instantly developed friendships din. Siguro dahil nagkasama hindi lang sa panahon ng saya (pagpadyak), kundi nagkatulungan din sa panahon ng pangangailangan. Kasi, dalawang grupo ang nagsama sa ride na ito, mga first time nag-meet - ang OnDaBag group at ang ilang members ng Montalban Cycling Club.

I am very proud of this photo, although I am more proud sa ipinakitang tulungan ng mga kapwa siklista sa panahon ng pangangailangan.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Find in Cristy's Bike Shop

Now Cristy's Bike Shop isn't exactly what I would categorize as one of the next generation bike shops. Although they stocked all their bling parts and frames into a room inside the shop and made it a bit more presentable, the old school shop flavor is still there.

Nouveau rich bikers would go straight to this area, and I don't blame them. What knowledgeable cyclist can resist the line of Scott frames hanging from the ceiling along with the latest Shimano XTR parts behind the glass cases?

But to truly appreciate Cristy's Bike Shop, you have to take a look at the showcases outside closely. Just a few weeks ago I was able to find a Shimano XTR "traditional" rear derailleur when the rest of Cartimar is stocked with Rapid Rise. I also discovered that she's still selling a pair of Shimano XTR V-Brake levers! I thought I'd only be seeing them in the second-hand market and there they are inside her glass case!

Aside from the showcases, check out the second-hand bikes on display. If you spot a bike part there that you like, there are instances when you can have them take it out from the bike and buy it. Omel got his pair of classic Chris King hubs that way.

Now I have to admit that Cristy's one of the character bike shop owners. She may seem suplada (and she can be) but if you do get her kiliti, Cristy can be a biker's best friend.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Bike Fitting: The Initial Findings

I was finally able to ride my bike using the measurements from my bike fitting session a few weeks back.

The ride was nothing epic. It's just a short spin from our house down to Tumana in Marikina to drop off my worn out Oakley Racing Jacket in Joven and back to Katipunan via Marcos Highway - roughly 10 kilometers of spinning.

The feel was a bit weird for the first few kilometers. With the saddle moved forward, I had to train myself to sit on the correct padded area. (As Toots noticed, I was seated near the nose in my previous set-up.) The adjustment in terms of saddle height was very minute from my old version so I didn't notice anything there. Now that I'm a bit forward, what needs to be addressed soon is the length of my stem. From 90mm, I need to swap it with a 110mm.

In the few kilometers that I tried it, I noticed that spinning was a bit more comfortable and there seems to be a more efficient power transfer to the pedals with the more forward saddle position. Of course these are only the initial findings. I'm curious how it will be on the trails and long epic rides.
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