Bike Fitting: The Initial Findings

I was finally able to ride my bike using the measurements from my bike fitting session a few weeks back.

The ride was nothing epic. It's just a short spin from our house down to Tumana in Marikina to drop off my worn out Oakley Racing Jacket in Joven and back to Katipunan via Marcos Highway - roughly 10 kilometers of spinning.

The feel was a bit weird for the first few kilometers. With the saddle moved forward, I had to train myself to sit on the correct padded area. (As Toots noticed, I was seated near the nose in my previous set-up.) The adjustment in terms of saddle height was very minute from my old version so I didn't notice anything there. Now that I'm a bit forward, what needs to be addressed soon is the length of my stem. From 90mm, I need to swap it with a 110mm.

In the few kilometers that I tried it, I noticed that spinning was a bit more comfortable and there seems to be a more efficient power transfer to the pedals with the more forward saddle position. Of course these are only the initial findings. I'm curious how it will be on the trails and long epic rides.