Saturday, May 24, 2008

Giro d' Italia 2008: Finally the Mountains

Are we ready for the mountains? This is 2007 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador stocking up for the big climbs later. Love the photo? Check out GrahamWatson.com!

I'm really excited to see how Team Astana would fare in this year's Giro d' Italia. We'll finally see if they're truly not ready when they got the invite a week before the three-week stage race.

If you want to watch the Giro live and your cable company doesn't carry RAI anymore, you can log in to Steephill.tv's Giro page and choose from the list of sources.


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  1. Hi, take a look at the 16th stage climb from Passo Furcia to Plan te Corones on the following video we shoot yesterday:




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