The Rurok Kanlaon and My First Press Preview

I haven't written anything in months. I've been posting a lot on Instagram so I figured that that is OK, at least for most of you. (If you want me to write more regularly on this blog, please let me know so I can push myself.)

So I attended my first product preview as part of the bike press. How cool is that? This isn't my first invite, though. I've been invited several times over the years by a number of awesome companies, but the events mostly fell on weekdays and I have work. As my friends from Batangas always say, "Panira ang trabaho sa cycling career."

This time, the stars all aligned for me to attend the Rurok Kanlaon preview. It was held at the AIM Conference Center in Makati last Saturday.

Rurok Bikes' PJ Tolentino shows us their new baby -- the Rurok Kanlaon

I arrived late. My apologies to PJ and Isa for the tardiness.

Rurok Bikes is a Filipino bike company known for designing and producing one of the first (if not the first) Filipino-designed-and-made full-suspension bikes, the Rurok Cordillera. We tested their prototype Isolink suspension way back in 2010 and it showed a lot of promise. After several years of hard work applying for patents, looking for investors, and seeking for the right company overseas to manufacture their bikes, they were able to introduce to the market the Rurok Cordillera using their Isolink suspension design.

Last Saturday, they showed us their brand new bike. Named after Mount Kanlaon in the Visayas, the Rurok Kanlaon hardtail is more than your average hardtail frame.

This is the Rurok Kanlaon in Manggahan Yellow. I love this color!
By simply switching the rear dropouts, the Rurok Kanlaon's geometry can be adjusted from Play mode to Slay mode and back. This can easily be done with an allen wrench. So now a rider has two options depending on how responsive or stable he or she wants it to be.

Remove the rear wheel and change the dropout's placement to simply adjust the bike's geometry.

Here's that dropout from another angle.

The Manggahan Yellow Rurok Kanlaon

The Rurok Kanlaon also comes in raw aluminum

Isn't she a beauty?

I'll be scheduling a test session to find out how it rides. Coming from my ancient KHS Alite 26er XC hardtail and my 2016 Trek Fuel EX 29er trail bike, I'm curious to find out what the fuss is all about in switching bike geometries.

Here are some details about the Rurok Kanlaon that you may be interested in:

P27,990 (P23,990 pre-order price until end of October 2018)

Sizes available:
Long and Short

Colors available:
Manggahan Yellow

Frame Material:
6061 T6 Aluminum

Wheel size:
27.5" and 29"

Maximum tire size:
Frame size long, play mode
27.5" x 2.8" 
29" x 2.5"

Frame size long, slay mode:
27.5" x 3.0" 
29" x 2.8"

Frame size short, play mode
27.5" x 2.5" 
29" x 2.3"

Frame size short, slay mode
27.5" x 2.7" 
29" x 2.5"

For more information, drop by their website at


Unknown said…
saan po head office ng rurok bikes?
Jovan Puyo said…
Sa AIM Conference Center sa Makati ang kanilang office.
Unknown said…
Hi po pano po mkka order i i want?
Unknown said…
Ayos to sir..from Santiago city po my branch po ba kayu dito
Unknown said…
Paano po maka order ? FB ko po Edward Galima..salamat po
Jovan said…
For more information, drop by their website at
Unknown said…
how much po kaya pag buo na bike bibilhin
I thank you for the information and articles you provided
Unknown said…
Magkano po ung built bike?