Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Mindoro Bikepackers Trailer

I haven't made the video of our epic ride yet, but I played around with the new iMovie '11 and this is what I did with their built-in trailer templates. I was actually quite surprised that it turned out this way. Now my problem is to make the video live up to such an amazing trailer.


  1. Very nice. See this is why an old dog like me keeps coming back home to do stuff like your Mindoro ride.

  2. Thanks for watching, Jimmy! Let me know if you're cooking something up.

  3. Galing ng video! Astig! Pede ko bang Gayahin sa journey namin ni Misis??? hehe..

  4. Hahahaha! At bakit naman hindi? It's easy to do. I just used iMovie '11 and dragged and dropped parts of the videos.


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