Monday, November 28, 2011

Recovering from Vertigo

I've been suffering from vertigo the past few days that there was a point when I was almost running on Serc. I was planning on racing the cross country course in Nuvali, but I had to turn it down so that I can let my body recover.

Today's ride was nothing great. As a recovery ride, I did a point A to point B and back thing -- a 20-kilometer ride from Pioneer in Mandaluyong to my in-law's place in La Vista, Quezon City. It was a bit overcast but a bit windier than usual.I was not my usual self when I was climbing up the Katipunan flyover. I think my speed was a shameful 13 kilometers per hour, but then again that was with a headwind. After resting in La Vista for about 30 minutes, I was feeling better on the ride back.

I won't post my ride map in this entry since it's uneventful anyway.

Hope your ride this weekend was better.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Batangas City - Dao - Pinamucan Trail Ride

I think I have fully recovered from last week's bug based from how I felt in today's amazing trail ride with Onad, Eric and Melong.

We started the climb to Dao from Tabangao, similar to our ride with Davison last October 22, but instead of taking a left turn when we reached the Barangay Hall at the end of road, we took a right. After about a couple of kilometers of riding, we stopped by the corner by the Welcome Arc to Pinamucan and took a detour to the a very fun stretch of single track. In my opinion this is probably one of the best trails near the City. It was a good mix of singletracks, fireroads and backroads, and the view of the sea and the nearby mountains is spectacular. We rode next to a cliff with a magnificent view. This was all rolling terrain on farm lands and access roads. What made it so awesome is this downhill stretch going to Pinamucan proper. In a way I felt bad that I didn't bring the camera for this trip. The last part, when we were riding down near the houses, felt like we were riding in Brazil.

I can feel that I'm slowly getting fitter each time, and I think my bike buddies felt this as well. I was almost always climbing at the front of the group and I wasn't using my granny gear at all. I'm starting to practice what I learned during our Macabud via Pangarap ride -- that the smallest gear may not necessarily be the best one. Maybe those three climbs to Ultra in Pasig last Wednesday actually paid off.

I'm thinking of joining the cross country race in Nuvali next week just for fun. That is if my schedule permits it. We'll see.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Of Sore Throats and Pancit Guisados

Last weekend was another long one, but unfortunately I didn't get to ride much. I was supposed to join King and Winston for a Licao-Licao ride last Saturday, but I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before because of my sore throat. It was so painful despite gargling with oral antiseptics. Sunday was a bummer too because of the rain.

The group at Mang Onad's Lomian
As for Monday, I was able to drive all the way to Batangas to join, Onad, Eric and Melong for a ride to Rosario, but it was cut short because I wasn't feeling that well. I had to stop on a silly short climb just to recover. So after doing a Gulod-Paharang ride, we headed back to the city but took a detour to the nearest panciteria - Mang Onad's (not related to my bike buddy).

Aside from the steaming hot pancit guisado, probably the good side to this ride was our visit to the new bike shop along Pastor Avenue near Days Hotel. It's a branch of Lipa Bike Shop from Lipa City and they're calling it Lipa Bikes. I know it sounds weird at first, but just imagine how it was when they first opened Makati Supermarket in Alabang.

Lipa Bike Shop in Batangas City. Say whut?!
They don't have that much stuff yet, but I can see a lot of promise. Truth be told, I was actually thinking of setting up a bike shop in that same area, but I just didn't have the funds to make it happen. Now that they're there, I wish them all the best and hope they'll take care of the Batangas City cyclists.

I was back in Manila by twelve noon. It was that fast. It's so anti-climactic. I wished I rode some more but I didn't want to push my body further. Now I'm hoping that I can fully recover for more biking action next week.

Thanks for reading.

Here's te map of our ride:

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Oakley Jawbone Addict

Silver and Red Jawbone
What you're seeing is my third Oakley Jawbone, which I customized from their site and ordered from Benji of Joven Bike Shop. I know it's not right. Some people can't afford to buy one, let alone three. But isn't she a beauty? And don't you think she works well with my new color theme?

I can hear crickets.

And yet I don't care. I love their fit. I love their lenses. And I love how they're so freakin' cool.

Vanity will be the death of me.

Silver and Red Jawbone

Almost Licao-Licao

It's November 1 and I finished my cemetery duties yesterday. So today is a day for riding again.

The plan kept changing until the last minute. First it was Maarat, but none of us wanted to brave the traffic caused by the cemetery along the highway. Next we thought of riding at the Camp Aguinaldo trail, but we weren't sure if it was open. And so finally we decided that we'd go to Licao-Licao, but there's a slight twist. Instead of taking the Litex road and risk passing by a cemetery and get stuck, we would park our cars somewhere along Quirino Highway near La Mesa Nature Reserve and bike our way to Licao-Licao via the Pangarap Village. Now that's new for me!

Jonats was already at McDonald's when King and I arrived. After having breakfast, we sat off for La Mesa. I think this was already around 8:00 in the morning.

We parked the car at the Shell Station near the old entrance to La Mesa and pedaled to Pangarap. Basically, the whole trail was parallel to the walls of the nature reserve.

This is a ride I enjoyed a lot, except for the part where we chose the wrong way and entered a private road and got chased by about six dogs. It had a bit of everything - fireroads, climbs, downhills and singletracks. I'm thankful I installed the Nevegals last night because I never had any problems losing traction today. Those tires were amazing.

My chain broke on one of the climbs. This hasn't happened to me in a decade. Thankfully I had a lifesaver with me in the form of the Missing Link. After removing the broken chain link, installing this was such a breeze. I bought it at Trail Warriors Cyclery at Loyola Heights when we were doing our bike shop hopping last Holy Week with Domeng and Eric. It was a novelty for me then. Now, after the experience, I think I'm going buy a couple more.

Because we left late, we only biked till Macabud before we had to stop at a sari-sari store for some soda, turn back and ride to the parking area. We were a few meters away from reaching Licao-Licao and her wonderful network of trails, but that's OK. In a weird way, I was actually looking forward to the ride back. It was that fun.

We arrived at the Shell station at a little past 12 noon and had lunch at the nearby Chowking restaurant. Not a bad ride for the last day of the four-day break.

Check out the map of our ride:
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