Oakley Jawbone Addict

Silver and Red Jawbone
What you're seeing is my third Oakley Jawbone, which I customized from their site and ordered from Benji of Joven Bike Shop. I know it's not right. Some people can't afford to buy one, let alone three. But isn't she a beauty? And don't you think she works well with my new color theme?

I can hear crickets.

And yet I don't care. I love their fit. I love their lenses. And I love how they're so freakin' cool.

Vanity will be the death of me.

Silver and Red Jawbone


Anonymous said…
same sickness as mine. Nice collection. Do you have the yellow lens already? I do have a spare and would like to trade it for another color just for the heck of it.

ty 09175535857
Jovan Puyo said…

Yes, I do have the yellow lens already. It came with the Livestrong model. Here are the lenses that I have:

Livestrong: Black Iridium lenses & Yellow lenses, both vented
Custom Blue: Positive Red Iridium lenses & Clear lenses; both vented
Custom Silver and Red: G30 lenses & Persimmon lenses; both vented