Monday, November 28, 2011

Recovering from Vertigo

I've been suffering from vertigo the past few days that there was a point when I was almost running on Serc. I was planning on racing the cross country course in Nuvali, but I had to turn it down so that I can let my body recover.

Today's ride was nothing great. As a recovery ride, I did a point A to point B and back thing -- a 20-kilometer ride from Pioneer in Mandaluyong to my in-law's place in La Vista, Quezon City. It was a bit overcast but a bit windier than usual.I was not my usual self when I was climbing up the Katipunan flyover. I think my speed was a shameful 13 kilometers per hour, but then again that was with a headwind. After resting in La Vista for about 30 minutes, I was feeling better on the ride back.

I won't post my ride map in this entry since it's uneventful anyway.

Hope your ride this weekend was better.

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