Sunday, February 17, 2008

And I biked.

And I biked again. Today. It wasn't as serious as my past escapade but it marks my return to cycling after a few months in hiatus. Armed with my Ipod Nano to the tune of 311's Amber, I pedaled three laps around the Ateneo campus. That's little more than 10 kilometers. Pathetic compared to what I used to ride but I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the part when I take the double-track trail at the back of the high school.

My dream is to come up with a short trail system in the Ateneo. I don't know if it's possible but it would be great to have one. I can imagine going through the giant Gabi plants between the High School and the Jesuit Residence and then come out at the back of the Moro Lorenzo Center. I remember a trail at the back of the abandoned botany/biology hut near the college tricycle terminal. It was a steep downhill to the college covered courts. I wonder if it's still there. Now that would be great to connect with the stone steps from the Eliazo Hall.


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