The next jerseys

Ebony and Ivory

I love the first edition of the jersey. I've worn it in some of my rides, including the Mandaluyong to Batangas City ride and the Laguna de Bike.

It's summer once again and I'm itching to do more touring this year, which is actually a good excuse to have new jerseys made for

The first jersey was made by my friend, Noel Marasigan. The jersey designs that you see on top are the new ones for this year and are designed by me.

I wanted the jersey to be simple and not too loud. I want it to be something that you can wear to a store and not look like you're a walking tarpaulin. I don't want it to attract any unnecessary attention when I do my touring and make me look intimidating to the locals. There are also reasons why I have two versions: the black one is for really crummy and muddy rides (laundry-friendly), and the white one is to aid visibility during late afternoon and night rides. Also, to be honest, they go well with my helmet and shades. :)

Let me know what you guys think.

p.s., I'm also looking for sponsors who share the same vision. :)


dear sir madam,
im willing to join your group team as member and go with your riding journey anywhere,how can i be one of your group please advise me,
victor h.daliva,
my vacatation wilbe ion may or june this year,
my GLOBE roaming is, 09151113114,
how can i have your tshirt and uniform,it can be send to my brother at SIGNAL VILLAGE, TAGIG MM.
Jovan Puyo said…
Hi Victor!

Ang pormal naman ng iyong comment! Hahahaha!

Anong klaseng riding ba ang ginagawa mo? Road or mountain? :)
Jovan Puyo said…
Each jersey costs P1,500.You have to specify the size and color.