Last Minute Preparations

I made a trip to Extreme bikeshop this afternoon with Dan to get some last minute stuff I need in preparation for our Saturday ride. Armed with a little more than a thousand bucks in my pocket, I bought two pairs of Shimano V-Brake cartridges, two pairs of cycling socks, a Cateye rear blinker and a Discovery Channel-knockoff water bottle. The damage is just P1,300.

Because I went to the office early, I was able to go home early, too! As soon as I arrived, I started working on the bike. I changed to my Continental Avenue slick tires and installed the new brake pads and rear blinkers. After a couple of runs from the house to Ateneo (we have a gate going into the campus, you see), the brakes felt like new.

Another good news is after a week of looking for a driver to drive our support vehicle, we finally found one. That means two things: (1) Charo can join and support us, and (2) we don't have to bring all our stuff in our Camelbaks! Yeahbah!