The Day before The Race

It was pretty sunny this morning when I brought my new car to the church to have it blessed. Then I was awaken from my mid-morning nap by the sound of rain falling quite heavily on the roof. It has stopped now, and I hope it would stay that way for the whole weekend, especially with tomorrow's mountain bike race in Batangas.

I've ridden the course before but in several parts when I was staying there. Never had I imagined that they will combine it in a race. I'm sure it's going to be tough for those who are competing tomorrow with all those climbing.

I pray the weather would be forgiving tomorrow. I would really shorten the course if I feel the safety of the riders is in jeopardy. Regardless if it was 65 kilometers or 10 kilometers, it's still going to be the first man to reach the finish line anyway.

To those who are going to race tomorrow, I bid you good luck and I hope that you have fun.