The Baguio Challenge

We got to see the Kennon uphill going up Baguio last Friday. It was 31 kilometers of pure suffering, especially right after exiting the toll gate going up the Lion's head. The switchbacks were steep that if we were to climb it, we would be definitely using the granny gear most of the time.

My wife said we couldn't climb it in a day. She said that it's not that she doesn't believe in us but we have to be realistic. Hence this challenge to prove her wrong.

The bet is for us to climb the whole 31-kilometer stretch in one September day. It has to be between six in the morning to eight in the evening and we can only walk 10% of the way. If we win, Mike O and I get P2,500 each. If she wins, she gets P5,000 from each one of us.

Piece of cake.