Is Discovery Channel Panicking?

What is happening in the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team? After a very disappointing Tour de France realizing that neither of their "Lance Replacements" is an actual tour contender yet, it seems they're now in the state of panic. Is it that they are spoiled from all those seven years of always riding at the front going to Paris that they can't stand the thought of not being able to do it again?

They brought back Levi Leipheimer, an ex-postie, from Gerolsteiner, and now there are even talks with ex-T-Mobile and Lance's rival Jan Ullrich.

With Armstrong retired, it is natural to have a void in the team. But this is precisely where you put the ones you picked to succeed the seven-time Tour champ. This is where you put your Tom Danielson and Yaroslav Popovych. Getting help from outside would only outshine your homegrown talents - something that you don't want to happen, else they sign up to another team as their captain. The Discovery Channel doesn't need to look further. Hamilton has done this, Levi has done this, and of course don't forget the guy who won the Tour this year.