New Stuff: Oakley Pro M-Frame

I've always been an Oakley boy ever since I started biking. Back in high school, I bought a pair in a sports shop in the then-freshly constructed SM City North EDSA. Then sometime in 1992, I discovered Joven bike shop in Marikina and that's where I bought my first Oakley M-Frame.

It had a clear frame with blue iridium plutonite lenses. It was the coolest thing I owned then. Never mind that I looked like an alien when I ride the jeepney in U.P. It had a great fit. Too bad the frame was brittle, and so after years of use, it broke off.

Now, after more than a decade of cycling, I ordered a custom Pro M-Frame (the one that doesn't fold) with persimmon lens. Loved it the instance I pulled it out of the box and wore it. The fit was excellent and the lens tint was just right.

Now time to get these thermonuclear protection in action!


Anonymous said…
Hi I just ordered a pair of custom Pro M Frame Oakley's yesterday. I can't wait to get them. Out of curiosity, how long did the build process take (how long did it take oakley to make your glasses ready for shipment)?
Jovan Puyo said…
For the Philippines, it took a long time. I think it took a month. My brother-in-law isn't as lucky. He ordered his from the shop and it has been months since.