The Climb I Hate.

I don't usually hate climbs. It's usually me that hate for not being too fit enough to conquer it, but it's different this time. This climb I'm referring to isn't a two-kilometer wall nor is it a super loose uphill trail leading to somewhere. It's actually about three or so kilometers from where I'm staying now. Ladies and gents, I'm referring to none other than the Marcos Highway-Aurora Boulevard climb during rush hour.

It's actually quite a short climb coming from the Marikina bridge. What makes this climb really hateful is all the carbon monoxide emitted by smoke-belching jeepneys and buses that goes straight to my lungs as I try to take a breath of air. That mixed with the heat of the sun and you've got one nasty concoction enough to make you think twice about biking in Manila.

Next time, I should probably take the Tumana Route. It's farther and steeper but at least it's better for my health.