Going Online

Since I started the Batangas Mountain Bikers website in 1999 and earned us a Kalabasa Award (for having one of the worst websites in the sports category), I've always dreamed that the boys would adapt to the net and take the pagtambay online, too.

It's a growing process. And in the next editions of the site, as I learned how to use tables, I also introduced feedback through email. This mechanism evolved to the ConferenceRoom embedded chat applet. Sadly, nobody used it.

In the last version before the current one, I placed a Tag-Board. Borrowed from Blog technology, I saw that slowly it turned into the members' online message board. It was great until people got rowdy and I had to pull it out.

For the current version of the BMB website, I'm bringing in more community tools for these people. Instead of the traditional HTML updating, it's now replaced and powered by Blogger for instant publishing. I also made a BMB eGroup (patterned from the now seven year-old PCN) and there are already a handful of members who signed up.

It's great to see that they're adapting to change. Slowly. One by one. Who knows, I might be linking to some BMB videos on YouTube very soon.