I think I'm going to be racing

2007 Men's Health All Terrain Race CourseIt has been years since I last joined a mountain bike race. I think this was during the 1999 Mountain Bike Challenge held at the Payanig sa Pasig grounds and at the Traksnijak in Tagaytay.

Next weekend is the Second Men's Health All Terrain race at Timberland in Maarat, San Mateo, Rizal, and I think I'm joining. The 12-kilometer mountain bike race starts at Mandala and goes around the roads inside the village before going to the Roxas trail, the Boy-Girl drop and the steps at the back of chapel before going back to Mandala.

I'm hoping the Batangas boys would join so they can be exposed to the mountain bike community in Manila. I left a message in the egroup telling them that I'd sponsor their entry fees if they'd just join.

On the picture is the race course itself courtesy of King and Victor.

Updated: Below's the course from another angle.

2007 Men's Health All Terrain Race Course