In English it translates to "corporation", but in local cycling lingo it means more than that. Used in mostly in races, the term loosely means already having a result even before it starts. In a korporasyon, scheming cyclists determine who wins the race before or during the race itself and all agree to split the pot when it's over.

Now I don't know if this year's EBD Barangay Tour is a korporasyon but it does have that same fishy smell. Unlike last year's event which drew roughly around a hundred mountain bikers, this year's race now only has one category for non-Batangas residents. In a way it seems like the organizers have literally organized themselves and decided that they want to make it a homegrown-talents-only affair. Indirectly they're shooing away their competition with the intent of keeping the city's funds to themselves.

I got a private email from one of their members, who wishes to remain anonymous. According to him, they really wanted to make this an all-Batangueno affair. They only offered the National Open category for those who'd still like to join. As a glimmer of hope, he added that they'll be bringing last year's format next year.

Being the race director last year, I find this news quite disappointing. I was hoping to expose them more to the level of competition from other parts of the country, but it was them who chose to go back to their shell.

I was planning on going there and riding the course today, but I didn't feel like it anymore. There's no reason to map out the route and find out the distances if they want to keep it to themselves.

I guess I'll wait for next year's announcement.


Carambs said…
You know what's sad?

I think these races should somehow help tourism within the country. Imagine, you can showcase Batangas to non-Batanguenos. But I guess they don't care about that.

I also think that there should be brotherhood of some sort for the sport. There aren't a lot of cyclists in the Philippines, compared to other sports, so it should be encouraged by opening all races to as many cyclists as possible. I guess they don't care about that either.

Sad. Sad for the sport.