We all had fun in yesterday's Licao-Licao ride, courtesy of trailmaster King. I was planning on giving the Reba a nice test session and the trail delivered the goods. It was our first time and we're really happy about it! The trail network was awesome - lots of singletrack, great views, not too much climbing and not too technical.

My apologies for not posting pictures. I forgot to bring the camera. No worries as I'll be back again next time for sure!

Among all that was there, my favorite was this stretch that seemed to be the entrance to Jurassic Park with all the trees and bamboos. The path was covered with cobblestones and it was suspension heaven as it did test how the new fork held up. It was short but we all had a blast!

So what's the verdict? I still need to get used to the Reba. It was plush but it wasn't as plush as the Z.2. I need to get myself a shock pump so I can change the negative air pressure myself. Right now, the positive and negative air chambers have the same amount of air. I'm thinking of increasing the negative air pressure so it would be more responsive to the smaller bumps.

As for Licao-Licao, it's going to be included as one of my favorite trails. I just need to familiarize myself more as to where these trails are.


Anonymous said…
Hi sir,
I've been also in Licao-licao last week (July 19, 2008) and we are planning to come back again tomorrow.

Yeah Licao-licao is a very nice trail and I really love the trail. the route we took is via Macabud because we came from Caloocan then to Litex. Going is via Licao Licao until we reached Tungkong Mangga(aka Tungko) then we heads south until we reached SM Fairview. It was a very nice bike trip we had.
Jovan Puyo said…
Hello! Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, I love the Licao-Licao trails.

Who knows, maybe we'll get to see each other on the trails.


Antonio said…
hello, nice knowing you guys. . . Jovan and Kalimutaw. Sana magka-meet din tayo sa Licao-licao. Lagi kami nagpupunta doon. From Violago down to zigzag to Manila Hills to Macabud to
Area 9, the place where we all live.
Antonio said…
Guys as i said, always look at everybody's safety,pati na ang bike n'yo, as i said may part sa macabud going to puray, may mga nang-aagaw ng bike pati na din sa licao-licao junction going to veterans. kaya always INGAT, INGAT, INGAT!!!!!!
Jovan Puyo said…
Hi Antonio!

Although naka-ilang bases na ako sa Licao-Licao, hindi pa rin ako familiar sa trails. In short, Kung wala si King, malamang mawawala ako diyan! Hahahahaha!
romz said…
i want to try mountain biking too..kialngan bang yung mhal na bike ang gagamitin?
Jovan Puyo said…
Hi Romz! Hindi naman kailangang mahal ang bike para ma-enjoy ang pagma-mountain bike. As long as it's nice and sturdy, go ka na. :)