The Men's Health Race Course: Reconnaissance Photos

We went to Timberland this morning and did a slow ride through the short race course. With the Batangas Mountain Bikers joining the race tomorrow, I took it to myself to take some reconnaissance pictures of the whole course. Below are some them:

Roxas Trail Downhill Section 1
This is the start of the downhill section in the Roxas Trail.

Roxas Trail Downhill Section 4: Kawayanan - View from the Bottom
This is the last part of the Roxas Trail downhill section and it's the most dangerous. I always use the line on the right.

Boy-Girl View from the bottom
This is the Boy/Girl section. Sorry, in this trail, I'm a girl. Good thing it's gonna be a mandatory dismount tomorrow.

The Chapel Steps: view from the bottom
The Chapel Steps Downhill. It might scare off the beginners, but all they have to do is put their weight at the back and relax to clear it.

To see the full course in pictures, click here