Time to Bike!

With gas prices predicted to go up by P4.00 per liter in the next few days, this would be heavy on the pockets of the common Filipino who drives or commutes to work. Just imagine, my Shell Unleaded E10, which sells 50 centavos cheaper than their Unleaded gasoline at P37.57 a liter, will now be P41.57! And this is their cheapest fuel for my car.

The time for alternative means of transportation is now. Time to bike to work. Not only will this solution be easier on the pocket, it's also a good exercise and good to the environment.

Start with looking for a good route from your house to your office, avoiding busy intersections and crowded streets. Next is to look for a secure place to lock your bike. Then, if your office doesn't have the facility, look for a place to freshen up, shower and change to your office attire.

When you're through with these, time to go to your bike and check if everything's in tiptop condition - check the tires if it has the right air pressure, check the chain if it's properly lubed, and see if the brakes are working properly.

Now for your gear. What you absolutely need are the following: helmet, reflectors, rear blinkers, head lights and a good bike lock.

When you're all set, it's time to roll.