EBD Barangay Tour Fever

The EBD Barangay Tour is reaching fever pitch with only a week to go before the mountain bike marathon. The online forums are all abuzz and the metro bike shops' customers are asking about it.

For my part, I posted all the information that I have about the event on the BMB website and sort of turned it into the central event information center. The maps are there (both from MotionBased and Google Maps) along with my story about the course, route pictures, places to stay in Batangas City and links to the online discussion boards and eGroups.

Aside from that, King and I went around the different bike shops to post my makeshift event poster, thanks to my bootleg PageMaker and photocopy technology. From my place in Katipunan we biked to the two John Wilkie's, Joven, All Terra, Bike King, Powerbikes, Dan's, Sabak, Elixir, Paulina's, Velo City, Ross, Cristy's, Cycle Options and Extreme - in that order. We started at 10:30 in the morning and ended with a McDonald's milkshake at Quezon Avenue at around 6:30 in the evening before we headed back home. That was more than 70 kilometers of biking.

The ride was long and so polluted that I'm not feeling 100% at all. I was supposed to go to Batangas City this weekend to do the briefing and check up on the tasks at hand, but I'm not feeling well. I guess I have to do this over the phone with Oca and Atty. Percy.

To those people who are joining the race, see you on the 24th. And please don't hesitate to approach me and say hi.