Tour de France Finally!

I've long been a Tour de France fan. Well, probably not as early as the time of Lemond but I do remember watching some stages in the 1996 Tour.

In the reign of Lance Armstrong, I stayed up late to watch the French coverage on TV5 on SkyCable. It starts at 12 midnight or 12:30 in the morning so I would still be groggy the following day. Nonetheless, it was worth it.

Since last year though, TV5 isn't showing the Tour de France anymore. Being big fans, this was no obstacle to us. The wife and I would settle on the web updates from, and Eurosport.

This was our modus operandi for this year until one member from the Philippine Cycling Network told us about this cool software that lets you watch Versus on your PC over the internet for free. I tell you, this is such a blessing. With this, never will I settle watching ESPN's lousy 30-minute highlight show.

If you're interested, download the TVU Player here. Once you installed it on your PC (Sorry, it's not available for Macs), scroll through the channels list. Versus is at the bottom part.