Ugh! Dealing with the Government!

I don't want to flex my muscles but for this case I have to. To be fair, I did try to get in touch with the person in charge but somehow I feel like he was trying to avoid me and so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I texted my cousin asking him if he could point me to the right person to bug. Told him that I don't want to raise this matter to my tito but the name of the city is at stake Being a good-natured person, he was the one who followed it up with the head. Lo and behold, I got my answer right away - they'll be sending the checks through courier hopefully by the end of the day.

Of course, most of you who are reading this know what I'm talking about - these are the cash prizes for the 6th EBD Barangay Tour Mountain Bike XC Marathon. Most of the winners understood how strict the Commission On Audit can be, but it was the head who committed to sending out the checks at the end of the week. Well, the week has passed and I've heard of no one getting their prizes. All I'm saying is he should live up to his word.

Now let's see if we start getting the prizes tomorrow.