Cleaning Your Ride: How to wash your bike

It's so tempting to bring your bike to the bike shop for a P100 bike wash. But before you do that, you have to at least experience it first.

I've been looking for my step-by-step guide on cleaning and washing bikes and surprisingly I don't have it here. And so I'm reposting what I wrote in the Philippine Cycling Network:

After a trail ride, here's the step-by-step process on how I clean my bike:

1. Prepare all cleaning materials. These are the garden hose, bucket, liquid detergent, sponge, brush, Kanebo Chamois and rags.

2. Remove the cyclocomputer and the Lizard Skins chain protector.

3. "Wet" your bike using the hose. Do not use a high-pressure; just a steady stream.

4. Mix two tablespoonful of liquid detergent to 3/4 bucket of water.

5. Wash your bike using the soapy water and sponge. Start from the handlebars then to the saddle, seatpost, frame, brakes and fork.

6. Rinse off the soap from your bike using the hose.

7. Turn your bike upside down and then wash the front wheel (hubs, spokes, rims). Use the brush to wash your tires. When finished, rinse it off with water.

8. Wash your rear wheel similar to how you washed your front wheel. Wash your drive train using the brush. Work on the chainrings, pedals, chain, cogs and derailleurs. You may use old toothbrushes to clean the hard-to-reach places.

9. Rinse everything off with water.

10. Turn your bike rightside up then give it some "general soaping".

11. Rinse off and then dry using the Kanebo chamois.

12. Lubricate the chain then wait to it settles. Using the rag, wipe off excess lube.

13. Optional: Wax frame and apply tire black. No Vacuum required.