I love lubrication!

Finally my bike's shifters are shifting as smooth as the first time I installed them.

The problem started after our Kapamilya Maarat ride where my drivetrain encountered mud for the first time. True to the reviews of online bike blogs, the nine-speed shifting can really go crappy on this condition (Back to eight speed, anyone?).

I washed my whole bike as soon as I got home from that ride. Despite that and lubricating the chain, the shifting wasn't exactly what I wanted. Upshifting was OK, but it was sloppy when you downshift.

Today, I went back to finally fix my problem. Armed with my tub of synthetic grease, I removed the shifter cables and lubed them also. Not yet satisfied, I also tuned the shifting using the knobs from the shifters. Now, it's as crisp as it was when I first bought it.

I really don't know what caused it but my guess is it's because of some water and mud got through the system plus some stretching on the shifter cables.