Back to La Mesa Nature Reserve

Today was a great mountain bike ride in the La Mesa Nature Reserve. At first it was supposed to be with Marose and the rest of the Kapamilya bikers but we eventually ended joining the merry band of Globe bikers instead.

Yes, that's a we - me and Jun Punzal, our admin officer in the office. It was his first time to go on a real trail riding so he was excited with the whole thing. Well, it didn't last that long. In a slippery downhill stretch, he lost control and crashed. He's OK but his bike wasn't. His rear brake levers got damaged. It was too risky for him to carry on so he was forced to abort at Tower 5. Too bad for him. But I think he somehow got his money's worth. There's always a next time.

Our ride ended at exactly twelve noon and it was so much fun. I'm laspag but still OK. Maybe next time we'll ride the longer stretch of singletrack heading to the parking area.

I haven't uploaded the whole map of the ride on I'll probably post it as soon as I have it.