First Mountain Bike Ride of 2009

My first mountain bike ride of the year was a killer. No, we didn't go to any exotic trail. On the contrary it was just a Maarat ride to the Giant sari-sari store and back. What made it a killer was we parked at Aling Tina's this time and rode the dreaded 2.5-kilometer climb known to many cyclists as the Maarat Wall.

There were six of us in this ride - King, Winston, Hans, Dandan, me and another guy whose name I didn't get. Compared to these seasoned XTerra guys, I was chicken liver. They rode away from me at the foot of the climb and I saw them again at the halfway point when they were going down to take another crack at the climb. Crazy. As for me, I only stopped once just to put my heart rate in check - which isn't that bad at all.

We regrouped near the Timberland gate and rode all the way to Giant via the Roxas route. It was muddy but wasn't as bad as the last time I was here. With the cool and clean mountain air, I'd say it was a great first ride for 2009.

Check out the profile of our ride at my MotionBased account.