Biking outside the Bike Lane

I just arrived from a short 30-minute ride around the UP academic oval. I did four laps and then went back home.

They actually have a nice set-up there. The oval is now one-way on a counter-clockwise direction and the inner lane is now a permanent bike lane for everyone to enjoy. Well, at least that was the plan.

So what's the problem? Well, I can sum this up with one word - chaos. Although the inner lane is dedicated now to joggers and bikers, they're so disorganized that they're all over the place. About half of the people are going the other way. There are also vehicles parked on the lane. And so as much as I'd like to stick to the bike lane, there are times when I had to go to the outer lane so that I won't lose any momentum more so kill a runner in the process.

Ideally, the set-up should be like this: from the inner lane, it's joggers, then cyclists and then the vehicles - all going on a nice counter-clockwise direction. There's even a sign on the road. Yet, no one is following it and the enforcers don't even care.

So is this another one of those nice ideas with bad implementation projects? I think we can do better.


Anonymous said…
Yes, you are right. It is a nice idea which lacks enforcement/implementation efforts.

Joggers and bikers who don't follow the road's rules should also be reprimanded. Maybe a 1-hour stay in the UP-PNP station cell will do. Haha!

Too bad the place is too public. I'm sure these "contaminants" (HEHE!) aren't current or ex-UP students. As with everything uneducated people cause chaos.

Makes one's blood boil due to their stupidity... Oops, am I too harsh again? :P