Time to install them mud tires

The rainy days are here again and, unless you're into carrying your rig because the wheels are too caked up with mud that it won't turn anymore, it's time to install the mud tires.

For years I have always been using the same tire, whether it's raining or not. Now that I have a pair of Nevegals installed, I know that it's just going to cake up when I start riding the clay trails of San Mateo. So my quest for a pair of mud tires for this season begins.

I was initially planning to get a pair of Continental Cross Country 1.5s but it's not available at the moment, according to the person from the other line at Newton Bike Shop. Sadly, they don't know when the next shipment will be. For a while I was thinking of buying a pair online and having it shipped here, but with the taxes and other charges, it's just not worth it.

That would've been a blast. Imagine a pair of foldable 1.5-inch wide mud tires on your cross country rig. I used to ride these when I was biking in Batangas. I remember climbing the rockiest mountain of Batangas City with this slapped on my Spinergy Rev-X-Roks.

OK. So Plan A didn't work out well. Time for Plan B.

I called up the nearest bike shop in the office, Extreme Bike Shop, to see what nice mud tires they have in their collection. Leizl told me that they have a pair of Kenda King of Traction tires. Oh yeah! I dropped by their place as soon as I left work. Now they just have to be installed for testing this weekend.

I can't wait.


Jovan do you have other suggestions on other good mud tires aside from the fore-mentioned two? Thanks.
Jovan Puyo said…
Hi Bunny,

Aside from the KOTs, you can try the Maxxis Medusas. :)