Giro Ionos with a visor?!

While Giro's offering the Athlon to the public as the next generation E2, Lance Armstrong races in the Leadville Trail 100 using a Giro Livestrong Ionos with a visor! It goes to show just how poor mediocre the Athlon is as a cross country mountain bike helmet.

Now where do I line-up to get me one of them visored Ionos helmets? Been seeing them during rainy stages of some road bike races. This is the first time I saw it on dirt.

The photo is courtesy of Kurt Hoy of


Anonymous said…
I need that visor!!
Jovan Puyo said…
Looking for the same thing on the Giro site, too, but it seems it's not available.
jmatt76 said…
My Armstrong collection Ionos came with a visor, but I cant figure out how it attaches.