Glad I didn't flake!

I was thinking of flaking this morning's ride because of the weather. I checked the online report and it predicted that it will be raining. I texted King and asked him if it wad a go. "Game," he replied. And so I took out the bladder from the freezer and filled it with water, loaded my bike on the roof and left for Commonwealth Avenue to meet with King and his friends.

The ride was quite refreshing. With newbies in tow, it was a short pedal going to Giant, the sari-sari store at the end of the road in Timberland Heights. As predicted by Accuweather, we rode in the rain in some parts of the trip. But that was OK because it wasn't that hard and it added some spice to the ride.

Instead of doing the straight main road route, we took a slight detour to the Roxas trail for the nice fast downhill section. No, we didn't take the trail. We just rode the gravel road.

Check out the pics:

King and I

Outside the Giant Store

I'm looking forward to riding with this fun bunch again.

p.s. Notice my Oakley MFrames? Yup, managed to get a clear Hybrid S lens from Benjie of Joven Bike Shop yesterday. After today's ride, it's worth it!