Resurrecting an Old Friend: The Continental Avenue Semi-slick tires

Tomorrow, we'll be taking a break from the usual trails and hit the road on our mountain bikes to finally see for ourselves the monster climb that is the Sierra Madre. Many of our friends who tried it were telling stories of the epic route - on how relentless the climbs were.

With this, I'm resurrecting one of my old friends to help me in completing this quest. I'm talking about my trusty Continental Avenue semi-slick tires, of course.

This pair has been with me for about a decade and it hasn't failed me yet. In my years in Batangas, it took me to countless town fiestas and adventures to Mabini and beyond. The last time I used it was in a marshal training ride for the Tour of the Fireflies five years ago. After that, I unofficially retired it as I rode the trails more.

I installed it a few minutes ago to a bike it can hardly recognize (save for the Onza titanium bar-ends). I just hope that it's still strong enough to carry me to the top.