Biking in Manila: The Camp Aguinaldo Mountain Bike Trail

Camp Aguinaldo Mountain Bike Trail

The Camp Aguinaldo mountain bike trail is a gift from the mountain bike gods for those living in the Quezon City-San Juan area. No longer do they have to drive or pedal to Maarat, La Mesa or Licao-Licao just to satisfy their thirst for some mountain bike action. Inside this military camp is a 2.54-kilometer playground composed of singletracks, jumps and switchbacks that will surely test one's mountain bike skills. What's great (or maybe not, depending on what you're looking for) is that there are hardly any climbs. That said, it's perfect for beginners who want to hone their riding technique and skills.

The trail is open every day (unless there's a red alert in the camp) from 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Wear a helmet and bring water. The caretaker sells cold Gatorade but his stocks are limited. It would be best to reserve one before you hit the trail.

Taking photos and videos are officially not allowed.

P50.00 per entry

Trail Map :
Click here to view the full map of the trail.

How to go there:
Coming from EDSA Ortigas area, take a right turn at Santolan Road and then turn right at the gate after 20th Avenue. (I think that's Gate 6, but I'm not sure). Go straight till you see a guard post.

Coming from C5, here's a map from Club 650 to guide you.

Nick Ojeda's Multiply Camp Aguinaldo Photo Album

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jmlag said…
Love the GPS shot from above! Pretty cool!
Anonymous said…
ok ba 'to sa mga bagong bikers? i am female and started biking myself.
Jovan Puyo said…

I would recommend this to newbies in mountain biking. Just start out slow until you get used to it.

If you're a biking newbie in general (meaning you've just learned how to balance and make left and right turns), I would suggest that you do more subdivision/village biking first until you're confident. Try riding in UP or Ateneo during weekends first. :)
Anonymous said…
You are right its Gate 6. Nice trail and one can practice small jumps, especially in course 3.
Anonymous said…
Yup great starter trail. My 9 year old girl loves this so much. Specially the series of bumps on the first part. Wouldn't recommend it to first timers. The sharp turns at about 1/3 of the trail goes downhill and can get pretty dangerous for newbies. However, it wouldn't hurt to push yourself a bit for the challenge ,just be sure to be protected. Better safe than sorry.
Moises said…
photos/video not allowed
then a photo album. nice one :)
Jovan Puyo said…
It's not mine. Found it on Google. :)

Anyway, I think they allow photos now. This article needs to be updated soon.
Anonymous said…
Guys is this trail open during Holidays? cause tomorrow is National Heroes Day.. but me and my friend want to try this trail tomorrow. please reply thanks
Jovan Puyo said…
Don't know if it's open during holidays. I've yet to update the schedule.
Unknown said…
Any idea if foreigners are allowed on base with proper I'd?
Unknown said…
Any idea if foreigners are allowed on base with proper I'd?
Jovan Puyo said…
I wouldn't risk it. Try Heroes' Trail just to be sure. :)
♣athan♠ said…
yes po maam