Preparing for the La Mesa Night Ride

I just signed up a few days ago for the La Mesa Night Ride this coming Saturday. I went to the Knobbies bike shop at White Plains in Quezon City and got to to chat with the owner, Manu Sandejas. When I asked him what lights to bring, he said one thing: bring the brightest one you can get. Ooookkaaayyyyy.

As for the lights, I think I have that covered. Victor Paterno will lend me his lights set composed of a headlamp, a handlebar light and a taillight. He said he'll be able to give it to me before Friday, so I guess that's tomorrow. Sweet!

Just in case this won't push through, I texted Goyo Larrazabal this morning and asked if I can rent his nice Niteriders. Despite being the busiest man in the country with his new position as the commissioner of the Commission of Elections, he still managed to reply and said he'll check.

Being a firm believer of Murphy's Law, I visited ACE Hardware on my way back home from La Vista and bought replacement batteries, a flashlight and a headlamp. These are the cheap made-in-China units (I think the brand is Sonca), but that's better than nothing.

Thinking about safety, I also dropped by Toby's and bought a whistle. If you're wondering what this is for, it's actually a good way to call attention in case you get a mechanical trouble or get lost in the middle of La Mesa and it's dark.

I guess I'm ready. Now to make this cold go away before the weekend.

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  • Comments

    Craw said…
    Yep, a whistle is a good thing to carry on rides, not only during night rides.

    I always carry one with me, and I have one that's permanently attached to my hydrapack :D
    Jovan Puyo said…
    I've been meaning to have one installed but I keep forgetting it until I realized that I don't want to be alone in the dark with just my flashlight. Hahahahaha!
    Craw said…
    Hahaha! Well, you know what they say: Better late than pregnant.