Stan's Tire Sealant: Take Two?

My first experience with Stan's tire sealant wasn't exactly ideal. Going up the Roxas trail in Maarat, I tried to ride on a deep rut and the rear tire blew out. My bike was covered with sealant mixed with dust. Needless to say, Caloy, All Terra's wrench, wasn't too happy when I brought it to the shop for a bike wash. After that, I went back to good old dependable tubes. I placed the bottle of remaining sealant on the top shelf of our bookshelf and was never touched since.

I was partly to blame for this mishap. Despite reading from that my IRC Mythos tires aren't recommended to be converted to tubeless, we still pushed through. In hindsight, we should have heeded the warning, but we were young and carefree then. How can something wrong feel so right? Right.

I think that was more than a year ago.

Enter 2010. The IRC tires are long gone; replaced by the Kenda Nevegals that were endorsed by John Tomac. With all the wonderful dirt tracks of Camp Aguinaldo and Fort Bonifacio on top of the usual haunts of Maarat, La Mesa and Licao-licao, I looked at the bottle of Stan's sealant gathering dust and thought: maybe it's time to try this again.

I think the mountain bike gods are trying to tell me a message when I bumped into this instructional video while surfing

I think it's time.