Taking the day off (At least for today)

After three straight weekends of serious saddle time, I more or less decided to take a day off from riding and just bum around in the house. El NiƱo is upon us and the heat outside, especially in the early afternoon, is slowly getting unbearable.

There are actually two planned epic trail rides today that I know of. There's one group who's gonna do Bataan's Killer Loop and the other one in Taal-Tagaytay. I don't know if either one pushed through. Yesterday, when I checked the online sign-up sheet of the one going to Taal there were only two names.

What's on my mind right now is actually giving the road bike some loving, but I cannot shake off the thought of riding up Antipolo in this heat versus blasting down the tree-covered trails of La Mesa. With that comparison, I can't help but opt for the latter. I just have to replace the slick tires with the knobbies.

Who knows, maybe I'll ride Camp Aguinaldo tomorrow. Maybe. Or maybe I'll muster up some courage to gear up and run a few kilometers in the gym. But as of now, the plan is to veg out and watch movies on my big flatscreen TV.


Anonymous said…
Summer is indeed upon us. Last saturday I opted out on our local trail ride. Masyadong mainit!
Jovan Puyo said…
Yeah, it was so hot even yesterday that I didn't have any rides for the weekend. Bummer. Oh well.
Anonymous said…
Wala ka nga ring bagong blog post oh! Ang init talaga
Jovan Puyo said…
O ayan! May entry na! Hahahahaha!