Of Snooze Buttons and Chicken Rice

Sorry guys for the lack of any bike entries. I haven't rode the bike since that wonderful Tagaytay saga. I was supposed to do a few laps inside Camp Aguinaldo last Sunday. I even posted a message in the egroup inviting other interested individuals to join. Well, the alarm did go off, but instead of pressing the snooze button I accidentally pressed stop. That was the end of it. Hahahaha!

This weekend, instead of another donning the spandex, I'm spending it in the country of chicken rice and laksa - Singapore! (Or as the locals say "sing-ka-poh".)

For my biking agenda, I'll be looking for a nice cheap camera that I can take with me when I bike. I'm looking at the likes of the Canon D10. In Amazon.com it's priced at around P13,000. If I can get it here cheaper, then expect more pictures of my adventures.

That's it for now. I think I will be riding next week to burn off all the stuff that I ate in this trip.