Ancient Mountain Biking Photos from Batangas

Facebook is such a hilarious social tool. Just now, my friend from Batangas City scanned our circa 1990 pictures, uploaded them and tagged each one of us. This is just too much! And he said that he's not even finished yet. He's looking for my pictures back in 1989 when I still had my Haro bike complete with neon pink Uni disc wheels, Brahma handlebar and bar-end combo and aerobars! I can't wait!

If you're willing to take the trip back with me to memory lane, then check out the pictures below.

This picture was taken at the top of Mt. Banoy, it still is one of the toughest climbs I did because I had to pedal (and walk) on rocks all the way to the top. I was still using my custom-made Tange Ultimate Ultra Strong frame with Spinergy Rev-X-Roks wheels, Rock Shox Mag 21 fork, Continental Cross Country 1.5 tires, Onza CWA bar-ends and Azonic riser bars. Talk about retro! And that's not all! Check out the shades I'm wearing. Those are the first generation Oakley Zero 0.4 sunglasses. Far out!

This was taken in one of the stops of Visita Iglesia. I don't remember the year. All I remember was that I don't feel like biking 90+ kilometers in the summer heat so I chose to do the support car duties instead. That's me with the white Oakley Trenchcoats. I miss those shades. It's just a pity that the frames crack very easily.

These are two separate photos scanned together. The one on top was taken at the Ponderosa Golf Course in Puerto Galera. Duff was still alive then. Note that I'm wearing my blue leggings. The photo at the bottom is us resting on our way to Mt. Banoy.

Again, two pictures rolled into one. The one on top was taken at Tamaraw Falls on our way to Puerto Galera, while the one below is another picture at the Ponderosa Golf Course. My helmet then was a Giro Exodus, which I had to order from Performance Bikes in the US. At that time I was using a Cannondale CAAD3 bike with a Marzocchi Z.2 BAM fork and Spinergy Spox wheels. Those wheels were light but it can't handle my weight. It was squeaking all over whenever I ride it.

Both pictures are taken from Mt. Banoy. Check out the helmet I was using - a teal Giro Helios. At that time, it was one of the coolest and lightest helmets in the cycling. How time flies.

You can see more of our pictures in my Flickr album.