The Test of the Tire Gods

It has been a long time since I experienced a flat tire on the trail. I think the last time was in La Mesa also, when I was using the Kenda Klimax Lite tires. Well, the good luck streak ended today.

As we were leaving the kubo (hut) going to Tower 8, I almost crashed when I mounted my bike because my front tire was too soft. At that point I didn't know what caused the leak but I was in a hurry to find out. Everyone in the group was already in the singletrack. What I did was pumped in some air to the tire and rode it, hoping to make it to Tower 8.

To make the story short, I didn't make it to Tower 8. Just a few meters of singletrack to go before reaching the tower, the front tire was just too soft that it was impossible to ride it. I had to do a front tire change.

I pulled out the usual stuff to fix the flat: mini-pump, inner tube and tire levers. After removing the front wheel and taking out the inner tube, I checked the front tire to look for the cause of the flat and found it - nothing but a small thorn. After removing it from the tire, I easily inserted the new inner tube and pumped up the tire to the right pressure.

Fixing a flat tire is very easy if you know how to do it. For newbies who didn't bother finding out how to do this, it might easily be the end of his mountain bike ride and the start of his long hike back to the parking area.

If you're one of these people, here are my tips:
1. Don't be ashamed to ask your riding buddies how to do this. It is way cooler to ask them how to do it now rather than when you already have the flat.

2. The internet is also a great place to look for these how-to videos. Just go to YouTube and do a search. Yes, the internet is more than just porn!

3. Knowing is half the battle. Doing it is the other half. Truly, practice makes perfect. Try it out with your own set-up so it'll be easier for you when the time comes.

Got questions? Maybe I can answer then. Post them in the comments section below or in the guestbook at your right.

Thanks for reading.


Tom D' Biker said…
It's a good thing I've never experienced yet flat tires on my KHS Alite 150 since I started using it 9 months ago.

But, on my first bike, I found out the morning after a ride that it's tire was flat. I checked the net on how to patch or change the tube. And, I bought tools and change the tube myself.