All Giddy for Galera. Puerto Galera.

I'm excited. We'll be biking again in Puerto Galera this weekend with the BMB Legends. I'm not really that familiar with the places they said, but I'm sure I'll be more familiar come Sunday.

The boat leaves early tomorrow morning so I'll be heading to dear old Batangas City later after work and sleep over Eric's place. We're meeting at 4:30 a.m. and then head out to the pier. I'm just not sure which one. I think this is the small one in Tabangao.

I bought two fresh pairs of brake pads (read the previous entry for more on this) and new cleats for my pedals. The bike's ready and so are my stuff. I only need to put them all in a bag. Yes, you can say that I'm getting giddier by the minute.

Here's to the old Batangas Mountain Bikers!