Climb Training Part 2: Shotgun here we go!

A little bit off topic first. I'm writing this entry using my wife's iPad. It feels like a laptop but not that much. There's something different in the keyboard that I don't think I can write a long article using this. Maybe it needs some getting used to.

Anyway, back to the show.

So last week was climb training part one, where I plotted a hilly route in Pasig and climbed up Julia Vargas Avenue, Ultra (St. Martin Street) and Pasig Boulevard. (For more details, please go to the previous blog entry.) This week I'm taking it further by doing the dreaded Shotgun Climb in Maarat for the first time.

I know that it's going to be at least four kilometers of no-recovery climbing so I'm planning to pace myself from the foot of the climb and try to get to the top without any stops. Wish me luck.

Since it's raining and all, I shelved the Kenda Nevegals first and slapped on the King of Traction mud tires. Just trying to be prepared in case there's an opportunity to get all wet and dirty tomorrow.

If you want to join, be at Aling Tina's carinderia tomorrow morning at 6:30. As usual, look for the big fat guy wearning an all-blue jersey.