I fell in the Muddy Camp Aguinaldo Mountain Bike Trail

The Camp Aguinaldo Bike Ride
We were going through the tree section. We weren't even going fast. I think GJ and I were talking about the seven-minute record lap time in Aguinaldo, when all of sudden my front tire lost traction and slipped on a root. I wasn't able to react on time. Kablag! I went down as if some invisible Jack just chopped the beanstalk I was riding.

I wasn't badly hurt; it was just some minor bruise on my left arm, but somehow after that fall I lost my confidence level. I wasn't able to ride well for the whole session. Bummer.

I'm talking, of course, of the wonderful Camp Aguinaldo trails. Remember what I told you before that this would be great trail for beginners? Well, that is if the trail is dry. I rode it this morning and it would certainly be a challenge even for intermediate riders with all the mud. If you have mud tires, better install them before you head here.


Tom D' Biker said…
That happened to me too! Losing my confidence after a fall. It happend in Maarat Basic Trail.

I've passed that trail several times without any incident then all of a sudden I crashed.
Jovan Puyo said…
@Tom Hassle 'no? Nakakasira ng diskarte. Ang bagal-bagal ko tuloy, lalo na sa section na 'yun!