My Stand on the MMDA's Proposed Odd-Even Scheme: Give me my bike lane!

I just read from my Twitter feed that instead of having the current number coding scheme (a.k.a. color coding), the MMDA is thinking of implementing an odd-even scheme. That means that, for example, a car with a license plate ending in 5 will not be allowed on the streets of Metro Manila three times a week versus the current once a week scheme.

Well, according to the official MMDA twitter account it's still a proposal. So it's not going to be implemented. Not yet, at least. At any rate, I'm OK with that if it will ease the traffic but I have one request - that they give me a safe area where I can bike or walk to work.

I don't think that's too much to ask, right? So here's a guy who's willing to leave his car in the garage and just bike to work. That's one less car. That's one less street space. That's one less air polluter. The least that the government can do is reward him by giving him a safe way to get to where he wants to go. Seems like a fair deal.

Reading what I just wrote, I'm sure someone in the high offices of the MMDA would say that the roads are safe now. Well, I'm willing to ride to work with him so that he'll get a first hand experience of the situation. I'll be his bike buddy. I'll even lend him a bike. The deal is he shouldn't wear anything that says he's a person of power (no MMDA shirts) and that we leave his house at a reasonable time (i.e., not at two in the morning).

What do you guys think?