Some Realizations from the Livestrong Day Ride

That's me with the flabby arms!
  1. That I missed riding the bike. After months of running instead of pedaling,  (WARNING: Mushy words ahead!) yesterday felt like I was being reunited with an old friend.
  2. Don't ever leave your wallet at home for a bike ride. I packed everything in the Camelbak, including a foldable jacket in case it rains, but I forgot my wallet where my money and identification cards are. I was glad that Rommel Capati, my old biking friend from Batangas, was there to lend me some cash to register to the event.
  3. The foldable jacket was great because it kept me warm and relatively dry when it rained (I was wearing a sleeveless Livestrong shirt). I kinda wished I had waterproof shorts, though, because my butt was wet and the chamois padding was squishy.
  4. Always inspect your bike before a ride. We were already in UP when I noticed that the "wings" of my 6 year-old Crank Brothers Eggbeaters were broken. That would've been disastrous if it was in La Mesa. Because of this I had to take a trip to Extreme Bike Shop in the afternoon to buy a new pair.