When a patch kit isn't just a patch kit

I left the office and thought I should drop by the bike shop nearby and get myself a new patch kit.

It's very rare that I actually use up the whole kit. Most of the time, the glue would dry up before I get to use all the patches.

Everything went smoothly as buying patch kit should - enter the shop, ask for a patch kit, and then pay for it.

But the problem with going to the bike shop just to buy a patch kit is, most of the time, it turns out to be not just a patch kit. And that's what happened to me today.

I saw this gorgeous chain cleaner from Park Tools and I knew right then that I should get one. It's been almost a decade since I had one. After it developed cracks, I retired it and settled with the usual dishwashing liquid and a used toothbrush.

I also got a bottle of Pedro's Degreaser to go along with this new acquisition.

The damage? From the planned P80.00 patch kit, it became P1,500.

Oh well. :)

Chain Cleaner and Degreaser